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 This was literally just plucked from a much, much longer narrative that I'm currently working on. For context, Agrat has just come out to his mother, Grasha, as transgender. He wasn't sure if she'd take his feelings seriously, so he's feeling pretty ashamed and upset in the very beginning. The two of them were exiled from their original orc tribe, the Blackskulls, since Agrat is half-human and they carry some pretty nasty beliefs about racial purity. 

Word Count: ~1600
Rating: G
Warnings: None

            “Come,” Grasha said, and opened her arms. Agrat stared at her a moment, then crawled up to her. She hugged him tightly. “I should have seen this long ago. You are my son, Re—no, you need a different name. Do you have one in mind?” He widened his eyes.

            Just like that? So easily?

            His mind spun a bit before he thought back to his dreams and fantasies. He’d tried on a few different names and none really fit him perfectly, but one cropped up a little more frequently.

            “Helmun,” he said. Grasha stared at him and rolled her eyes.

            “That’s a human name,” she said. “You’re more orc than human, kaluk.” Agrat set his jaw forward.

            “I’m half, though,” he said.

            “You’ll figure it out someday. And either way, orc names are better,” she said and grinned.

Then you tell me some good names, Agrat said... )



halforcnationalist: A drawing of me as an orc, kinda glaring at the viewer. (Default)

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