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 Hey folks! I'm Marc, and I write and draw a lot about queer tusky fellows. For the most part, my OCs were inspired by the ones I play as in Dungeons & Dragons (5e). At the moment I'm working on a longer narrative about two of them--Agrat and Finn--so this space will have snippets from their story as it takes place in a world of my creation, as well as quick things inspired by events that happened in D&D sessions. 

To differentiate between each universe, entries are tagged with either "Veiadokuur" (my creation) or "D&Dverse" (the world our DM made). This is a necessary distinction, because the characters' lives are tremendously different depending on which universe the story takes place in. For example, Finn is a half-orc with green skin in D&D, and in Veiadokuur he's 1/8 orc and very human-looking. (D&D!Finn started as 1/8 orc, but died and returned to life as a half-orc.) The gods they worship, the way magic works, their experiences, and the enemies they face are all different, but their core personalities are the same. 

I use Dreamwidth for posting written works, though I might draw a picture or two to accompany some fiction. If you'd like to see my artwork, you can check it out on these sites:

Weasyl - For my personal favorites/best works.
Tumblr - All the same stuff that's on Weasyl, plus a bunch of doodles and sketches that aren't quite as finished.
Charahub - A list of some of the characters I've created. Bear in mind that this site largely reflects their lives in the D&D universe.

Thanks for visiting!
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halforcnationalist: A drawing of me as an orc, kinda glaring at the viewer. (Default)

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