Aug. 10th, 2016

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 Hey folks! I'm Marc, and I write and draw a lot about queer tusky fellows. For the most part, my OCs were inspired by the ones I play as in Dungeons & Dragons (5e). At the moment I'm working on a longer narrative about two of them--Agrat and Finn--so this space will have snippets from their story as it takes place in a world of my creation, as well as quick things inspired by events that happened in D&D sessions. 

To differentiate between each universe, entries are tagged with either "Veiadokuur" (my creation) or "D&Dverse" (the world our DM made). This is a necessary distinction, because the characters' lives are tremendously different depending on which universe the story takes place in. For example, Finn is a half-orc with green skin in D&D, and in Veiadokuur he's 1/8 orc and very human-looking. (D&D!Finn started as 1/8 orc, but died and returned to life as a half-orc.) The gods they worship, the way magic works, their experiences, and the enemies they face are all different, but their core personalities are the same. 

I use Dreamwidth for posting written works, though I might draw a picture or two to accompany some fiction. If you'd like to see my artwork, you can check it out on these sites:

Weasyl - For my personal favorites/best works.
Tumblr - All the same stuff that's on Weasyl, plus a bunch of doodles and sketches that aren't quite as finished.
Charahub - A list of some of the characters I've created. Bear in mind that this site largely reflects their lives in the D&D universe.

Thanks for visiting!
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 Man, like none of this reasonably makes sense if you don't know what's going on in my D&D sessions, but I wanted to write it anyway as a sorta character-building thing. We had a pretty intense session involving a goblin tribe, and it just so happened that right in the midst of it, a blessed ring Agrat wears broke, and he thought his husband died. So, here's Agrat trying to get his cranky and energy-filled orcish daughter to sleep, years after that happened. 

Word count: ~4200
Rating: G
Warnings: Some vague descriptions of gore.

Agrat carried Rokag with her flopped over his broad shoulder, her skinny legs dangling over his chest and her arms stretched out down his back. He kept one arm wrapped over her back, and the other around her knees.

            “Alright, kiddo,” he said as they made their way upstairs together. “Time fer you t’ get some sleep.” Rokag groaned and thumped his back with her little fists.

            “I’m not tired!” she said and writhed in an attempt to escape. Agrat chuckled and patted her. He creaked open the door to her room. Rokag’s had the smallest room in the house, but only hers had three windows. One was wider than the others, and set in the corner wall above a built-in bench that doubled as storage for her toys. However, she left most of them scattered on the floor. Her favorite was a soft boar Finn and Agrat made for her—he carved its facial features and its paws from wood, and Finn sewed its body, limbs, and head together. They stuffed it with wool. It had a few “scars” of its own from years of dragging it around, and she loved to compare it to both of them. Now that she was a little older, she mostly kept it in her room, but still treasured it dearly.

            “What, y’ think you can trick yer old pops?” he said. “I saw you yawnin’ down there through yer nose. Come on—into bed with you.” He bent and laid her down, and Rokag crossed her arms while he tugged the blanket up to tuck her in.

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